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    More About the Team Skull & Bones Collection

    Our Team Skull & Bones Collection showcases the varsity style that you’ve been missing in your life and provides the perfect men’s striped underwear solution for supporting your favorite team or sport. These trunks, briefs, and jocks will support more than just sports.  Heck, wear these every day and remember that you’re a winner, too. We wanted to create a men’s striped underwear style that is great for everyday life as well as showing off and our selection of striped boxer briefs, briefs, and jocks make it happen. Various patterns enable you to choose your team’s colors or whatever floats your boat - as long as you feel like a winner.

    We’ve made sure to keep the same silhouettes that you’ve come to love, including our striped boxer briefs, briefs, and jocks. Each style is proof of our commitment to providing a comfortable, supportive fit and using luxurious fabrics constructed to a high level of quality. All of our men’s striped underwear silhouettes feature the Skull & Bones lettering along the waistband, which has been designed with new “no roll” technology to ensure that it stays looking tight and secure. A supportive contour pouch with a double fabric layer gusset makes any of our styles comfortable for everyday wear. Go team, go!

    Our mission at Skull & Bones is to provide underwear and clothing accessory options that don’t sacrifice comfort for style. We are meticulous when it comes to men’s varsity style striped underwear, and we use a hand-picked selection of luxurious fabrics to ensure that your comfort always comes first. We created the Team Skull & Bones Collection to provide modern, stylish men with the ability to look classy and support their favorite teams by adorning themselves with colorful accent articles that match their personal style. Buy a pair now and get ready for the game!