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    More about Skull & Bones T-Shirt Collection

    Because making stylish and lavishly comfortable underwear just wasn't enough, Skull & Bones is taking their brand even further. Now you can get the exceptional comfort and fit that you've come to expect from us in a new line of T-shirts. Bring that sumptuous soft feel and bold style out of the underwear drawer and show off to the world your daily style with our new men’s fashion and luxury T-shirts.

    Like all of our high quality underwear lines, our T-shirts come in iconic colors and bold, eye-catching styles. You can opt for the casual appeal of a logo-emblazoned shirt in heather gray or blue, or opt for the drama of a gold foil Skull & Bones logo dripping down to create a barcode, all on a black background. We have limited edition styles, such as the multi-color logo on a white T-shirt, so keep an eye out for the newest looks. 

    Of course, none of these shirts would be worthy of carrying the Skull & Bones underwear brand logo if they didn't excel in feel and fit as well as their look. We applied our expertise in design and details to ensure these T-shirts are a treat to wear. We only use dreamy soft fabric, and we craft each shirt to ensure a fabulous fit. If you appreciate the quality and flair of our underwear, you're going to love Skull & Bones T-shirts. As with everything we do, a flashy look isn't enough for us. We're constantly focused on delivering exceptional quality as well as stunning looks. 

    At Skull & Bones, our logo is more than just an edgy look. The skull and crossbones have long been used to denote something dangerous, and we represent a revolt against the status quo of the underwear market. We work to bring together luxury and cutting edge style, and now we're bringing that vision to T-shirts as well.