More about Skull & Bones Apparel

    Skull & Bones makes it our mission to be at the forefront of every emerging trend in luxury men’s apparel. We pride ourselves on our innovation, and no matter how clever and comfortable our designs get, we keep on searching for the next best thing.

    We source premium fabrics and continuously update our designs so everything from our men’s underwear silhouettes to our tank tops and hats are as stylish as they come.

    At Skull & Bones, we don’t buy into the belief that style and comfort are mutually exclusive priorities. You’ll experience a high degree of comfort when you slip into any one of our apparel items and you’ll look damn good doing it.

    We supply apparel in some of the most visible categories, like:

    • Hats — The right accessory really pulls an outfit together; a Skull & Bones hat tells the world exactly what kind of man you are right from the start.
    • T-Shirts and Tank Tops — Bold prints, striking colors, excellent fabrics—need we say more? Our shirts and tank tops are the perfect blend of style and comfort.
    • Swim — Whether you prefer trunks or briefs, Skull & Bones has got you covered with flashy designs and quality construction.
    • Union Suits and Leggings — Curve hugging and head-turning, these items are perfect for confident men who aren’t afraid of attention.

    Why Shop Skull & Bones?

    We design luxury apparel for men who aren’t afraid to show their true colors. Unlike other flashy brands, our products are of exceptionally high quality—shop our selection now and find out for yourself just how great you’ll feel repping Skull & Bones apparel.