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    More About Skull & Bones Hats Collection 

    Most people know us best for our luxurious, fashion-forward underwear. And while our hearts will always be in our underwear, we now have even more to offer you. For our discerning customers who are looking to add even more style to their everyday look, we also carry a line of stylish men's baseball hats that you'll love. This is a fresh new way to put that Skull & Bones flair on display.

    Our customers are used to being spoiled by our attention to the details that matter in the design of our underwear, and you'll find the same level of care in each Skull & Crossbones Hat. Our hats feature the kind of touches you expect from us, such as the custom Skull & Bones lined tape inside the rim. You'll find our embroidered logo on the back of each hat as well. We have hats in both fitted and snap-back styles.

    As well as our regular looks, we have new styles coming out regularly, such as our Pride Skull & Bones Logo Hat. With a row of small Skull & Bones logos embroidered in rainbow shades in a line down the front, this limited edition hat is a great way to show your pride as well as your on-point style. We have a light blue hat with a pink and white embroidered logo, or a hat in a deeper shade of blue with a white embroidered logo. For a look that is sure to get you noticed, try out our hand-painted Dutch Floral hat, with a sweet look that is tempered by the darker edge of our logo.

    You already love the exceptional comfort and style of our underwear, so why not bring more of that quality to your look? Just follow our size guide to find a hat that fits you perfectly, in both its measurement and its attitude. 

    Skull & Bones was created for the man who doesn't want to choose between style and quality. Our company is design-led and focused on the man who doesn't want to follow the crowd. Let us show you how comfortable you can be while wearing styles that you love.