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    More About Skull & Bones’ Sequin Collection

    Our Sequin men's underwear collection is one of the most popular for Pride and other festivals due to the eye catching styles and unique sequin pattern. When creating this collection, our goal was to introduce men’s sequin underwear that didn’t feel cheap or poorly made. We know that our customers want luxurious patterns and trendy colors with a fit that doesn’t chafe or feel uncomfortable. We decided that the Sequin Collection could offer a fun way to show your confidence AND your assets. Men’s sequin underwear is sure to turn some heads regardless of where you show them off! These are sure to elevate any occasion.

    We’ve included all of our favorite silhouette underwear styles like our men’s sequin trunks, briefs, and jocks. Each style has been made to achieve the same well-loved fit with luxurious fabrics and high-end construction that sets them apart. All of our men’s sequin underwear include the Skull & Bones stitched logo at the center of the waistband, with our rainbow logo featured on our Limited Edition Pride articles. Our trunks, briefs, and jocks include a contour pouch for added comfort and dedicated support as well as a new “no-roll” waistband that prevents curving which can make your underwear look misshapen.

    At Skull & Bones, we plan each piece in our collections carefully and consider how we can use the best fabrics and materials to produce a truly stylish, high-end result. We pore over the details of fit and finish to ensure that our clothing will always remain comfortable and supportive. Sacrificing quality for style isn’t a good look for us, and we know that you expect better for yourself. We created this collection to fill a need for men’s sequin underwear, and we know you’ll agree that it makes a strong impact. Get yours to start show them off!