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    More About Mid-century Modern Print Underwear

    The mid-century modern style has been around since, well, the middle of the century - specifically, the 20th century. From the mid-1940s until the late 1960s, the use of more modern decoration became extremely popular as a way to refresh and break away from pre-war design trends. At Skull & Bones, we’ve taken this retro-futuristic style and turned it into a unique line of printed underwear for men.

    Our fun and funky retro style men's briefs, jocks & trunks include abstract geometric shapes, our signature skull logo, and futuristic styling that screams mid-century modern in a way that only a luxury men’s underwear print can. This underwear was built for lounging on a classic 50s sofa, though you’ll look just as good sporting it as part of your everyday ensemble. If you’re looking to show off, our mid-century modern men’s underwear line offers the perfect blend of retro-luxury that is guaranteed to turn some heads.

    Our mid-century modern men’s underwear comes in all of our classic silhouettes to suit your individual preference. Each of our retro style men’s briefs, jocks & trunks provide a comfortable fit with the added benefit of a fun and unique style. We are meticulous about the construction of our underwear, and use soft fabric that ensures an ultra-luxurious feel.

    Why Buy Skull & Bones Mid-Century Modern Men’s Underwear?

    Because unless you’re already wearing a pair of Skull & Bones underwear, you’ve never felt anything quite like it. At Skull & Bones, we believe that comfort should never have to be sacrificed for style. We design our underwear to be a comfortable addition to any outfit whether you’re sitting, standing, walking, or running for long periods. Once we’ve got the fit just right, we introduce the prints that our customers are most interested in, such as our retro style men’s briefs, jocks, & trunks. Classy and luxurious patterns that make a bold statement and show off your personal style. That’s Skull & Bones.

     Purchase your Skull & Bones mid-century modern men’s underwear today to add a retro look inside your pants.