More About New Arrivals From Skull & Bones

    Trends change every day, but luxury is an eternal concept. At Skull & Bones, we work hard to balance the core principles of fashion-forward design, high-quality comfortable construction, and premium fabrics.

    In order to uphold our own standards, we’re consistently launching new collections that emphasize comfort and style in equal measure. Our designs are artfully curated and designed with the modern man in mind. Our lines offer something for everyone, whether it’s a statement piece, a fun day at the beach, or an everyday wardrobe stable.

    Be bold and be confident knowing that your underwear reflects the latest style and comfort out there.

    As you peruse our offerings, you’ll find a wide assortment of luxuriously-designed items, including:

    • Jockstrap Underwear — The perfect undergarment to boost your confidence and accentuate all of your best features.
    • Briefs — A classic set of underwear in designs that are anything but ordinary, and since we love a good surprise, we offer peek-a-boo briefs, too.
    • Trunks — It’s almost summer, and it’s time to show off those gains you’ve been working on in the gym; let Skull & Bones help with a pair of perfectly tailored swim trunks.
    • Boxer Briefs — If you like a little more coverage but you aren’t willing to compromise on the style, our boxer briefs will strike exactly the balance you’re looking for.
    • Apparel — Skull & Bones doesn’t just design bold undergarments, we also create hats, shirts, and tank tops you can proudly display to the world.

    Why Shop Skull & Bones New Arrivals?

    We built this brand because it’s far too difficult to find luxury underwear and clothing that’s as bold, vibrant, and masculine as you are. Our designs are loud and timeless, and they leave just enough to the imagination. Plus, they’re created with high-quality materials. Shop our new arrivals and see for yourself—you’ll feel the difference the first time you slip into one of our items.