Floral Collection

    At Skull & Bones, we love the thrill of a fresh, new look. But sometimes you find a style that endures, and our Floral collection is just that kind of look. While most of our capsule collection prints are retired after a season to make room for new ones, our Floral collection is one of the timeless few ones that we bring back year after year. 

    Each year we refresh our Dutch Floral print with subtle variations that are fashion-forward and unique. This popular style continues to be a favorite for a reason, and it's available in our range of men's underwear silhouettes and even accessories, such as hats and swimwear. We dedicated the time to create custom, hand painted designs. Our versions of floral are pieces of art that you can be proud of.

    While we love these gorgeous prints, a good look will never be enough for us. Skull & Bones maintains unwavering attention to detail. We use only the finest fabric for a luxe feel, and the construction of every piece is designed to give you the most comfortable, supportive fit. Our underwear features high-end details, such as the embroidered logo on the waistband, making it clear that it's not only eye-catching, but it's of the highest quality as well. 

    Skull & Bones was created for the confident, modern man who isn't willing to sacrifice comfort for stylish looks. We offer underwear that has fabric and fit with the unmistakable feel of luxury, along with our beautiful, artistic prints, because we believe that design does not need to come at the cost of comfort.

    At Skull & Bones, we simply aren't like other underwear companies. We saw that there was a gap in the men's underwear market, forcing men to choose between fashionable styles and exceptional quality. Just because you're not willing to put up with anything but the finest comfort doesn't mean you are content with boring underwear. And just because you want more from the look of your underwear, that doesn't mean you're willing to put up with rough fabric and construction that constricts or lets you down. 

    What's more, although we carry plenty of fun and flirty styles, we understand that playful isn't the only attractive look for undergarments. We also invest in designs that are beautiful and artistic, such as our Floral collection, for a sophisticated take on fashionable underwear for the discerning gentleman. 

    At Skull & Bones, we are proud of what we've created. Explore more of our luxury underwear styles and silhouettes.