The Speedo Movement takes over this months ☠️ Blog to talk about Swim 🩲 & Body Positivity ❤️

Hey Everybody it is Cody the creator and owner of The Speedo Movement here and I am so excited to be able to do this “blog take over” to talk about the Skull and Bones Swimwear 2022 line. For those of you that are not familiar with The Speedo Movement, we are an online community dedicated to body positivity and, of course, celebrating our love of swim briefs! We welcome all people to be a part of our community, celebrate diversity and strive to advance kindness and personal acceptance and love. With our largest presence being on Instagram (over 20k community members there!!) we feature people daily that show all bodies are speedo bodies and that all bodies are beautiful. You can also find us on almost all other social media platforms and our website . I have even been called “The Speedo King” and was even gifted a custom ring from a friend and community member that says “Speedo King” - just in case anyone forgets, lol. 

I LOVE swim briefs! My collection is easily well over 200 and honestly probably closer to 300 at this point. I feel like I can express so many sides of myself through the different designs, patterns, and fabrics of them. Do I have a perfect body? No! Does anybody? Also no! That doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to feel sexy and wear what we want and embracing that has led me on this amazing journey that is just getting started. I live in the Kansas City area with my wife and our two dogs. We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary this fall (maybe she will add some more to my collection, lol) I love cooking, sewing and design, running, martinis, hanging out with friends and my FAVORITE pass time is being on the sofa at home with the dogs and my wife in our “bubble.” In a “previous life” I had a hectic corporate job and due to the stress and my already existing OCD/anxiety I was quite simply pushed over the edge. I share that because, well, it is part of how I got started doing the work I do with The Speedo Movement. I realized after lots of hard work, accountability and soul searching that I deserve to be happy, healthy, and wear whatever I want (we ALL do) and I have made it my mission ever since to show that to myself and others.

This is all to say that I have quite a lot of knowledge about the swimwear world, focused on swim briefs, and when Skull and Bones asked me to write this my answer was YES, without hesitation! I have worked with the awesome duo that owns this company, Vincent and Rob, in the past through The Speedo Movement and I love their designs not only for the swimwear, but the other gear and pieces they make as well. This season they have outdone themselves with an array of BEAUTIFUL prints and a new, sexy cut in the briefs. I am excited to tell you that I now have one of each of this year’s designs in my collection along with a few from past collections of theirs. I can’t wait to wear them all this summer! 

I think the first thing about Skull and Bones that I notice EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a new item from them is the absolute quality of their pieces. It is a true example of a luxury product and from the feel of the fabrics to the stitching, details on the prints to the hardware, it shows. How they get so much quality into the price point is something I don’t know, but let’s just say, they could charge double the price and I would think it absolutely worth it, easily! It REALLY is that awesome. The prints are so well done and so beautiful I honestly couldn’t tell you which is my favorite from this year’s swimwear collection. I have worn the PRIDE design and I got so many compliments when I posted the pictures in it on The Speedo Movement! But that is one of five and I have to talk about them all since I can’t pick just one favorite, lol.

Can we talk about octopuses for a minute?! The octopus print, where the various cephalopods are playing with beach balls is SO FUN! They are my favorite animal, after dogs of course, in the world. They are intriguing, blue blooded, nine brained, three hearted creatures! I have various pieces of art depicting them around my home and love being able to learn about them whenever the chance arises. It makes sense that this print would be one of my favorites, right? 

Another passion of mine is design that challenges the norm and breaks barriers of gender and expectations. For example, something traditionally considered more feminine, like a floral, designed and made in a way that speaks to my personal preferences and aesthetics. I can’t say I am a huge fan of many flower prints and designs, but the two in this year’s line of swimwear from Skull and Bones are TO DIE FOR (and there was one last year that I absolutely loved as well). The Hand painted Dutch floral is just stunning, and the skulls are something that I can’t get enough of (and they actually feature in my home décor as much as octopuses). 

I am dying to slip on the Roman Redux print! The black and gold color scheme is so classic and the way the characters are dancing, fighting, and interacting in the print makes me smile every time I look at them. I can imagine wearing that suit with a flowy white linen shirt while I sip a cocktail at a resort and will have to make that vision come to life if not for anything but the excuse to wear the suit as many times as possible and get that picture “for the gram!”

Thank you Vincent and Rob and Skull and Bones for allowing me to share a little bit about me on your blog! I can’t recommend ANY of their pieces enough and when it comes to the swimwear you will for sure have a hard time picking just one, like me, so I say life is short, go for them all, lol! Join us at The Speedo Movement, follow us on our various channels, send me a DM to chat, or a picture of yourself to feature and let’s all remember to keep body positive and speedo on! 




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