Skull & Bones Spring 22 Drop, Let's talk 💬

Hello Everybody! 

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Spring 2022 designs! After the seemingly grueling winter (and, let’s be honest, last couple of years) this spring feels different, don’t you agree? We are feeling a sense of rejuvenation this spring and we hope our Spring 2022 collection emulates that. It has been our pleasure to design and create this collection of joy, optimism, and what we all want to have, fun. 

 Spring  22 BTS Product Shoot 

We get it, we get it, florals for spring…. (you can fill in the rest of this line from a

Night Blum Floral

certain devilish movie can’t you)? Hear us out, why NOT florals for spring? We are  ready to be outdoors again and live amongst the happiness and color of the world. What better way to do that than with some floral underwear (we have many styles available so maybe even mix things up and try something different). We have a new, bold, almost Chinoiserie looking floral print in a both a red and blue option that just makes us want to stop and smell the roses! We also have some updates to our signature Dutch Floral design(coming for our summer 22 drop, yes more drips coming)! Speaking of being outside in the spring, we drew inspiration from the sky and put literal clouds in our collection. We wanted to bring the beauty of the sky to you. There you almost certainly will always find a plethora of stunningly tall and fluffy clouds and if you let your imagination free, you’ll see dolphins and cats, queens and trees in them – or at least some object of your own making (Im looking up at one now, theres an eggplant, go figure 😈). Sometimes having your head in the clouds is exactly what you need!

Another focus of our collection was the idea of continued and progressive change.  We were inspired by times in history where this was very much a piece of the fabric of society and thus our tie dye designs were conceived. 

The fun scatter of colors and play of negative space inherent in the outcome of the process, along with its many meanings is something we had to include. If they don’t bring a smile to your face, literally our drippy smiley face print will. It’s a fun and playful print that lets you express your jovial side.

You will find an emphasis on PRIDE in this spring’s collection. We are looking forward to the return of PRIDE celebrations and events the world over this year. The expression of diversity, LOVE and inclusion are paramount to us both as individuals and to Skull and Bones as our brand. We have something in this part of the collection for everybody and are even introducing a new backless boxer brief style in our bear pride print. We have also began opening our sizing ranges and in some styles you will see sizing offered to 3XL. Everyone, every shape, every size and every identity or sexuality deserves good underwear, and we hope to help that happen! 

We have committed to even MORE regular interaction with our customers this year. In addition to the communication that we have with many of you via email and various social media channels (yes it really is us writing those, answering those and talking with you) we plan to post here on our blog. We will share behind the scenes content, discuss industry information, our design process, and more and more (spoiler, we have a photo shoot scheduled very soon for this new Spring 2022 collection) We invite you to follow along with us. Let us know what pieces you are adding to your collections and enjoy your Skull and Bones gear in good health and with our gratitude.Check out all that's new here.

Rob and Vincent
(Owners and Designers of Skull & Bones)

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