Skull & Bones is Proud of our Pride Collection

Here at Skull & Bones, we are passionate about creating luxury men's underwear. Exquisite feel and luxurious fabrics aren't enough; we are determined to offer sumptuous comfort in beautiful, stylish prints. We seek to meet all the underwear options men are looking for, so we offer a variety of silhouettes, including briefs, trunks, boxer briefs, thongs, peek-a-boo briefs. We also carry swimwear, t-shirts, tanks, socks, and hats. 

Skull & Bones' founders set out to fill a gap in the underwear market. Our company was created to offer an underwear line that is attractive and stylish, but that also prioritizes comfort, construction, support, and fit. We love an eye-catching and exciting look, but the quality of our undergarments will never suffer for a gimmicky print. We are about how our customers feel in these pieces.

We're proud to have produced a number of beautiful and artistically designed collections that we love. One of the collections that is most special to us is the Pride Collection, and we wanted to share the background about how this collection came to be. Our Pride merchandise isn't just about slapping a few rainbows on our products. This collection grew out of our commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community as well as our investment in our brand. 

Initially, we didn’t create a dedicated Pride Collection. However, as we worked to promote our brand we noticed that our exceptional quality, beautiful style, and luxury fit resonated with others in the LGBTQIA+ community. We saw our pieces being confidently strutted at Pride festivals and events.

The demand was clearly there for Pride styles that delivered more in terms of lavish comfort and top tier construction. Our brand stands for inclusivity, which is something we fervently stand for and embody in our brand. So much so that we even designed and named one of our new prints Inclusivity. 

Our goal in choosing all our designs is to allow people to feel confident and empowered. This combination of thoughtful, exceptional construction and beautiful design struck a chord. We soon discovered that there was a strong response within the gay community to one of our first designs. People were embracing it with enthusiasm.

As co-founder Vincent Pilato, explains, "One of our first prints we did was a beautiful ombre; colors we gleaned from the sky when the sun sets — reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and purples. A rainbow of sorts, just not all the traditional colors of a rainbow. That print was so popular, especially at the pride events we did that year, people were buying that style and calling it a Pride Print. We were happy about that, we indirectly created something that our community related to on a different level."

The following year, we discovered that a new ombre print, this one in beautiful shades of white, pink, and blue, drew a similar response from people in the Trans community. Seeing the pride and delight people took in wearing our designs to showcase their love for their community inspired us. "It wasn't intentional that we released a collection with the colors of the Trans flag," said Pilato, "but the reaction to both of those ombre designs empowered us to formally design what became our first formal Pride collection."

We have followed this enthusiasm and continued to create new, beautiful custom Pride prints. These designs are not a standard product with a rainbow added as an afterthought; they are the result of a great deal of consideration. We have Pride styles for everyone, whether you are looking for something subtle and artful, or eye-catching and loud and proud.

In our Pride collection, you'll find the heather rainbow print that brings a subtle luxury to a familiar design, a gentle gradation of colors available in brief, trunk, jock, and tank. Other choices range from a brilliant sequin rainbow trunk to understated, solid color pieces with Pride-themed embroidered logo. Our new Inclusive print artfully renders the many faces of our LGBTQIA+ community, inspired by the works of Sam Cox and Keith Haring. We even carry Pride accessories including socks, backpacks, hats and more to come.

We are delighted to say that our Pride collection grew out of our natural relationship within the LGBTQIA+ community. Rather than trying to find a way to turn our community into a market, we created a product that inspired and delighted people. We are proud of all our collections, but the meaning and evolution of our Pride collection will always make it especially close to our hearts. 

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