Skull & Bones 2023 Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

Hello everyone! Woah, what a busy year this has been, and if you are like us you have been hearing the same thing on the lips of seemingly everyone around you… “How is it already the holiday season?!” While this feels true almost every year, it is particularly evident this year. It is hard to figure out how we got to the end of the year so quickly, but here we are, and now it is time to talk about holiday gifts.

If you agree that 2023 seems to have passed in record speed, then you are probably also realizing that you have lots of shopping to get done and are frantically pulling together your lists. That is the main reason why we are bringing you our annual holiday gift guide! We hope it helps you make some great gift choices and eases some of the stress of the season! We have some fantastic new designs, some obvious wardrobe staples, and some spicy apparel that are sure to be perfect for the naughty, or nice, guy on your list 😉

We know that many people have a tradition of matching holiday pajamas and think our S&B Signature Union Suits would be perfect for you. Available in army green, grey, red, navy, and black they are sure to be a fun way to adhere to tradition as well as year-round comfort and style. Chic and ultra cozy they feature our logo on the chest and buttons on the front all the way to the back. No need to take the whole thing on and off for the purpose of tending to regular “business” or getting “down to business” if you know what we mean. Stylish, fashionable, totally comfortable, and functional they will elevate your tradition and become your new go to for around the house loungewear! Get all of the guys matching colors or change up the colors and match with the style. You can’t go wrong!

Metallics, sequins, and sparkly things are becoming a staple in the fashion world. Party suits made from velour, leather everything, extravagant embroidery, and eye-catching designs are a fun way to express yourself and are even more on display during the holiday season. Why not grab a piece or two from our “Crystal Cloud” collection for the gentleman in your life that rocks these styles on the outside so that they can match from their underwear to their outerwear?  The collection features a soft, skin caressing elastane fabric in black or nude color with eye catching rhinestones dotted over it. We have even made our logo out of crystals, and you can pick from a thong, jock, or brief style. For the guy in your life that will love these, you can help keep the party going for him even after his party clothes come off for the night.


If you have an underwear loving guy in your life, chances are he has a plethora of styles, fabrics, and designs in his seemingly unending collection. For him, we have just the thing. A modern twist but in a classic silhouette we suggest our “Just the Bones” Sheer Mesh Collection. Even the most avid underwear lover probably doesn’t have a piece like this. Made from an elegant stretch mesh they are available in a classic brief or trunk style. With this collection he will feel sexy, chic and comfortable all day long, and you will feel proud knowing you added to his collection in a new and unique way. The collection is available in black, red, blue and tan.

Do you have a guy that is a leather lover in your life? We have several options from harnesses to cuffs, wallets to underwear. Why not pick up the tartan leather harness for him? It features gunmetal hardware, a stunning tartan print on the genuine leather, and proves that the holidays deserve to be sexy too! If he has been extra good this year, we suggest the matching leather jock harness. This print is also available in our premium underwear designs from thongs to trunks, peek a boo briefs to jocks! 

We hope that our 2023 Holiday Guide has helped ease the stress of the million things you have to do and the gifts you must buy at this frenzied time of year. As always, we appreciate all of our customers – please feel free to send us pics in your S&B Gear or a message telling us what you selected to give the special guy(s) in your life. We wish you ALL a very happy holiday season and a safe, healthy, fun, and a better new year for all!

XXX OOO XXX - Vin &  Rob 



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