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As we post this, it is currently Hanukkah, and Christmas  is only days away! We thought maybe you would enjoy some ideas for those gifts that you are still needing to get for the guys on your list. There is so much at S&B that we can recommend so let’s get into it!

Do you have a classic, conservative guy on your list? Consider our Cloud and Just the Bones Collections. They are luxurious, soft, comfortable, and made just for the guy that likes premium underwear without a lot of flash and flare! They are fabricated from a lightweight modal fabric that reduces visible underwear lines and come in a cut that is sure to fit his style! As a bonus, Modal fabric is eco-friendly as it is made from beach tree cellulose. Beach trees are a low water consumption species and therefore to create this fabric the process uses 10 – 20 times less water than most other fabrics do.

The naughty guy on your list, you know the one that is a bit of a show off, will absolutely be feeling his most free, sexy self in our Sheer Mesh or Burnout styles. The Sheer Mesh Collection is sleek, elegant and wraps the body in a super luxurious see through mesh that feels like wearing nothing at all. It accentuates all of the right body lines and shows the curves quite literally! In The Burnout styles choose from three patterns - Dutch Floral, Skull and Bones, or Roman Tile, pick a color he’ll love, then pick his style from thongs to tanks, and you’ll be set with the perfect gift. These give almost a lace like appearance when being worn and create a sensual and playful look as you can tell they are sheer, but can’t see everything!

Do you have a bit of a kinkster to give a gift to? For him we say go with leather! We have hot and shiny vegan leather thongs, jocks, and sport briefs. They feature perforated vegan leather with a bit of stretch and wide, sporty waistbands. They are made for all day wear, but would pair excellently with any of our genuine leather harness pieces for a bit of a leather daddy fantasy evening look. We work hard on bringing you high quality, durable, and unique leather pieces and you can find harnesses, jocks, thongs, wrist cuffs, and jock harnesses in this collection. Match his style from black to white, heritage to patterned (a very interesting and high end printing process that you can read a little about on one of our previous blog entries) and know these pieces are made to last! Heavy hardware and durable construction ensure he will have these pieces in his life maybe even longer than some of those he chooses to show them off to 😉

Finally, we know that it can be difficult to find affordable and fun stocking stuffers, so we have a few suggestions for you. Our socks are perfect for stockings (see what we did there, lol) and have our logo featured on them, they are made to see and be seen in! Throw a tank top in his stocking, just roll it up in a quick ribbon and tuck in there for him to find. They all have stunning prints and designs. Does he like hats? We have several very cute and unique designs for him. While they may not fit IN the stocking, wouldn’t it be fun to hang one from the stocking as an extra bonus gift? Another stocking suffer idea is, of course, underwear from our vast array of styles and designs. In fact, if he has been extra “naughty” this year wouldn’t a whole stocking full of a new underwear wardrobe be a super fun way to spoil him? Last but not least, if you are just over shopping and can’t bring yourself to make a decision we offer gift cards. Let him choose what he wants and gift cards are always a fun stocking suffer! By the way, running late on a gift and not sure what to get, A Skull & Bones gift card is the way to go, no waiting and recipient can choose the best items for them!

We have been partying, designing, decking the halls, and playing with balls and wish you all a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY season. Be festive, be merry, be the light that the world needs and, of course, remember that sometimes with Skull and Bones gear the most naughty is so right!

Love and Joy,

Vincent and Rob

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