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Hello S&B friends! We wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about our amazing leather collection. Did you know we have started doing leather? No?! It’s true, we have some pieces already available and have some more SUPER great designs coming down the pipeline! As a company focused on keeping you sexy, comfortable and, of course, luxurious we thought leather goods were a natural addition to our offerings of swimwear, underwear, and other gear! 

A fun fact you may not know is that Rob (one of our co-founders and co-owners) spent about a decade of his career at Coach (yes, THAT Coach) developing the men’s leather goods line. He helped it grow from a its infancy into a billion dollars per year line! Because of that he was able to visit places all over the world sourcing the absolute finest leathers, durable and high-quality hardware and became familiar with cutting edge technology being used in the leather industry. We are so excited to now be able to offer his expertise in our own leather goods collection! It combines that super quality and our penchant for a bit of “naughty” fun. It is absolutely iconic! 

Here at Skull and Bones we place quality and luxury at the height of our design process. Our leather goods are no exception. When you touch a piece of our leather the feel in your hands, or on your skin, immediately will signal to you that our pieces are made to last. We use genuine Vachetta leather which is durable and soft and will maintain a stunning sheen over time. It really is the pinnacle of leather of its kind!  Although it has an Italian heritage, and most Vachetta leather is produced in Tuscany, the name actually comes from the French word for “cattle.” Tres chic!  This leather is supple, smooth, buttery and of course carries that sophisticated and complex leather scent that is just as much part of the experience as the items themselves are!

Our debut leather items include harnesses, card cases, and bags but we will be adding new, exciting pieces as we expand the collection. We have an armband pouch that is coming up, which will be perfect for carrying your id and a few other things but keep your outfit on point and we think will be a staple go-to for many wardrobes. When you want to let some of that naughty fun out you can pair it with the forthcoming jock harness and your leather game will be looking flawless, sexy and as always, with S&B, luxe!

Check out the entire Leather Collection 

In tradition and innovation, Vincent & Rob


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