PRIDE Month Is Here 🏳️‍🌈

PRIDE month is officially here, Rob & I and everyone at Skull & Bones do have PRIDE 24/7/365. The month of June is a special month as it allows more visibility and awareness for the LGBTQIA + community. It is a month of celebration of diversity, education on social issues affecting our community, events, and all things GAY lol!! PRIDE month, being originally born out of the Stonewall riots gives us the ability to see our resilience, perseverance, and determination. Think of the changes that have occurred since then. Legislation has been placed to help prevent workplace discrimination for sexual orientation and gender identity, rights to housing, adoption by same sex couples and even marriage! While all of these are a step in the right direction they are not guarantees and the fight for total equality MUST go on. LOVE is LOVE and we all deserve the same fair and equal rights in every situation regardless of technicalities and loopholes. This June especially let’s remember to keep the good fight going but after the last couple of years of not being able to FULLY celebrate and come together let’s also remember to PAR-TAAAAY!

When we started Skull & Bones, almost 8 years ago, our primary means of promotion was to go direct to our community and do pop up events mostly at local PRIDE events all over the country. Our thought was that as a start up and being self funded we couldn’t afford a robust paid marketing plan; so we did in person sales events to start to get Skull & Bones noticed. Rob & I learned so much from those early years, one of the big lessons was that people at the PRIDE events was that our customers loved color and particularly anything in the range of colors like a rainbow. One of our first real colored prints was a beautiful ombre print. I had taken a beautiful sun set picture here that captured purple colors in the sky to warm pinks, red and orange colors. I asked one of our graphic designers to make a print from that image.

Our first color Ombre Print which became our first PRIDE print!

When we released that print at those pop up events, people who bought them changed in to them right at our table and wore them for them for the day the tanks and trunks, briefs or jocks!. We had people finding us at our booth asking for the “The PRIDE underwear and Tank tops”. That’s honestly the incarnation of Skull & Bones PRIDE collection. It was that excitement in the people who bought that Ombre collection, who  put them on to walk proudly that weekend, called on us to design PRIDE collections since then. So, proudly we’ve been releasing a PRIDE collection every year. 

This year we just as excited about our PRIDE collection for this year! We know that there is something for everyone in this collection so you will for sure be able to get your pride on. As we are an LGBTQIA+ owned business it is our mission and our passion to create designs and products that help our community to express themselves, support each other and feel good! We use premium materials and construction so your gear will last many PRIDE seasons to come! This year we have an awesome tie dye concept in our PRIDE range that allows for a subtle, but no less fun, way to don the colors of PRIDE.

It is available in the browns, yellows and oranges of bear pride and the traditional colors of the rainbow. Speaking of rainbow gear, check out our new rainbow swirl tank and our limited-edition PRIDE locker room jock. Or, may we suggest, let someone in the locker room check you out IN it, lol. 


Do you need swimwear for that PRIDE pool party, we got you! We added a PRIDE design into our swimwear range for the first time this year! It is a beautiful inclusion rainbow, which we completely love, done with a slight spin. You will for sure be a standout in it at the party and that is NOT a bad thing!

If you need something to wear to dance all night, might we suggest our dripping smiley face tank?


We wish you ALL a happy PRIDE month; celebrate, experience, love and enjoy. We hope you will add some of our PRIDE range to your collections and as we all let loose a little this month AND finally get to come together for the fabulous parties and events that usually are paramount to our celebrations know that the mission continues, the issues are real, and everyone deserves to love whomever and be unapologetically themselves.


Vincent & Rob


  • Cody

    HAPPY PRIDE! You guys are amazing!

  • RICK

    I am proud to say that I as a gay man. I have been Gay since I was in the 9th grade and my partner was in 10th. We’ve been together for the past 31 years and HAPPILY MARRIED. I buy underwear from ya’ll cause of the comfort and great colors that ya’ll have and my great partner loves them too. rick

  • Dale Trujillo

    Thanks and Happy Pride! Love your products!

  • Michael Benjamin Christopherson

    Happy Pride 🌈 guys! Thanks for all you guys do. Thanks for the suggestions on the wearables. Smoking’ Hot!
    Be safe

  • Carlos

    Happy Pride!!!
    New Mexico is sending our best smothered in NM green chile!!! Play safe and have fun. Looking forward to seeing new products!!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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