Preview to ☠️ Fall Winter 2022

As summer 2022 comes to a close we look forward to the fall with excitement and anticipation! We have been hard at work putting the new looks together and just can’t resist sharing a "few" of the upcoming prints for a sneak peek with Skull & Bones followers. This collection has us ready for cooler days and we took a whimsical approach with it. One of the standout pieces is our handprinted Peacock print. The saturation of colors, the jewel tones and the opulence of the feathers has us feeling ready to slip them on under a pair of jeans and a sweater. Undoubtably one of the most attractive prints we've designed. 

Peacock Print

With the season change we thought about the celestial bodies and how they also change position and dominance in our sky. Fall always has us searching for constellations that will become more visible like Cassiopeia, Aries and Pisces and it bring awareness of the shortening of the sun’s rays and more time spent with the moon. We created a print to honor this cycle full of ethereal swirls of color, bright stars and even a sleeping sun. The golds, greens and blues are gorgeous!

celestial bodies

We have added several patterns into this collection, but they are done in our own way. First, there is a stunning  Diamond plaid that evokes evenings spent by the fire, holidays to come and the coziness of the season. The grey bandana print gives a steel grey color prominence and is perfect to start off a sophisticated fall outfit centered on greys and blacks! Base layers are just as important as the look itself we think, it all starts with the underwear! We love the bright fuchsia and magenta leopard print that helps to keep us remembering that fall doesn’t mean we can’t be colorful and jubilant if we so desire!


Fall feels like “leather weather”;  leather is a new category for us and one that has become very popular very quickly. We are continuing to expand leather, so we had to include some pieces in this collection for that. One capsules  we are introducing a perforated faux leather that will give more stretch and comfort to the pieces but is in no way less luxurious or soft as we have sourced only the best! It will speak to your carnal senses and make you feel super sexy in either the shorts, sport brief or jock.

perf leather

What we have shared is just a taste of whats coming in the next few weeks. We have many other prints, colors and designs that will round out this collection but for now we will keep those a secret. When the entire line drops, we hope you find it as fun and exciting as we do. It is probably one of our favorite collections to date and we can’t wait for it to be available for you to add to your underwear wardrobe!  You guys are the reason we do what we do and we thank you for your continued patronage and support of us! With that little tease for what’s to come we must get back to work designing, prepping, and creating, we have so much more to do!

Happy pre-fall!  

Rob & Vin


  • Ed

    I will be watching my emails for the launch. The peacocks look great

  • Jaime Ochoa

    The peacock is my favorite. Can’t wait to order

  • Kirkland

    I want the peacock cock!

  • Roger Czarn

    I’m having a peacock tattoo to be done soon and

  • Christopher Smith

    I just saw your preview and am really excited about it. When can we expect the release of the new items. Thank You and Best Regards, Chris

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