Memorial Day Weekend 🇺🇸 A lLttle History and a Little Swim 🏊‍♂️

This weekend we are celebrating Memorial Day here in the USA. (Im going to cover a little history in this first paragraph (with correct historical facts; I multi task. During the Day I'm actually a teacher 😊 Rob gets too work Skull & Bones full time) Memorial Day we know is the time we honor our armed forces. Memorial Day was originally started to honor the 620,000 soldiers that lost their lives in the U.S. Civil War. In the spring of 1865, many towns and cities began to hold remembrance events for the fallen soldiers, but the official birthplace of Memorial Day is Waterloo, New York. As the tradition caught on the first Decoration Day was held in 1868, presided over by President Garfield, at Arlington National Cemetery. The date was picked primarily because flowers would be in bloom. Time created distance in the memories of Americans and Memorial Day became a holiday in which more leisurely activities were practiced. The wars of the 20th Century did reignite the spark of the original intent of the holiday and in 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which solidified the three-day weekend we now use as both a way to honor our fallen soldiers and to kick off our summer with a bang! Thank you to the members of our armed forces for their dedication and sacrifice. We will make sure that this weekend we pause to remember those that gave their lives for our ability to celebrate and not forget the original and more important reason for the holiday.

Memorial Day is the day, in many parts of the country, in which pools are opened for the season. What better time is there to talk about our NEW 2022 swimwear line!? This year we have designed both briefs and trunks in 5 amazing patterns. We have redesigned the cut of our briefs to be less boxy, have a lower rise and more stretch in the 83% polyester/17% spandex material we are using. You will for sure find this cut to be sexier and more fun to wear!

We pulled inspiration from our underwear designs for this summer swimwear collection. Keeping in the theme of bright, cheerful colors (see our prior blog entries about our spring launch) we used the big floral print in our range of swimwear. Pride month is in June so we are celebrating that as well within our swim collection with our rainbow swirl print. This is the first time we have introduced pride into the swimwear collection, and we think the way we did it for this design has a sporty, classic appeal. If you know us, you know our signature print, Dutch Floral, and this year it is proudly part of our swimwear line! The octopus print is fun as we chose multicolored octopuses with beach balls! By the way, did you know they have NINE brains and can taste with their suckers? Our final new design is the Roman Redux motif which we think has an elegant and sophisticated look. Don’t forget to check the new metal Skull and Bones plaque on our swimwear this year! We are all about the details!

We are excited to get this swimwear on and out to the beaches and pools! We always love to see our real-life customers rocking our swimwear and other items so feel free to tag us or send us your pictures. We can’t wait to see you all looking amazing in them! Kick off your summer and celebrate with some new Skull and Bones swimwear. Have an amazing Memorial Day, be safe and remember to spread kindness and love.

In good health and lots of happiness!

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  • Frank

    I’m so impressed by the beautifully written first paragraph…honoring the real reason for our Memorial Day holiday. Great to see people recognize this day for what it is…to Honor our Fallen who gave everything for their country.

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