Leather 2024

Rugged, Masculine, Shiny, Erotic, Earthy, Sensual, Slick, Carnal, Sexy, Fashion 

What are we describing? Leather, of course!  Have you checked out our premium leather goods yet? Created with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail our pieces are meant to be an addition to your collection that will last for years to come. They will only get better and better with age and the experiences they will tell the stories of!

Our NEW Heritage Leather Belt Harness is absolutely sure to get your wild side excited! It wraps your body in refined genuine leather and with its fully adjustable straps your ability to make it fit perfectly to your body couldn’t be easier! Over the shoulders and down the back the straps connect to brass hardware buckles and rings providing multiple points for grip, restraint, and fun! This piece is so stunning it could even be worn as part of a sexy outfit if you dare to show your leather side to the world!

We love the feeling of being restrained and restricted! The NEW Heritage Leather Shoulder Harness gives that feeling with the leather straps focused on crossing over the back and wrapping your shoulders. The four straps are adjustable with buckles so the tighter you make them the more you will feel the pull and tug of the leather as you move. These pieces are not made from lightweight materials. They are made for function in addition to being stunning to look at!

No harness would be complete without a complementing piece for the bottom part (eh hem) of your body. For this we have created our NEW Heritage Leather Thong. This garment is designed to be worn with any of our chest harnesses or on its own and is made from the same high-quality hardware and leather we are known for. The Heritage Leather Thong is a show piece that frames and highlights your body from below the belt. With two adjustable buckles at the waist and one for the leather thong strap, you are going to love its ability to slip right into your body’s contours, curves, and angles. Pair it with a g string or other underwear for a layered surprise or wear it on its own to display yourself in all of your glory! Each design from our new additions to the collection are available in black and saddle colors so pick your favorite and get to having fun!

The Heritage Leather pieces join our full leather collection that includes pieces sure to tempt the leather man/daddy/pig in you (or in your life). Harnesses, jock harnesses, cuffs, wrap bracelets, and even vegan leather underwear and shorts round out the offerings of styles. Colors include black, brown, white and several prints! Designed to mix and match, coordinate, and complement each other, your leather fantasies have no limit with Skull and Bones! 

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