Items For Your “Summer Go Bag" 🧳

Summer is just about herefor those of us in the Northern Hemisphere which means that if you are like us you are going to seize any opportunity you can to be by a pool, go to the beach, or simply to just lie out and catch some rays. We love this time of year to show off our swimwear styles and have thought of a fun way to stay prepared which is to pack a “swimming go bag.” It is a summer bag with just the essentials to help you be ready at any time to take off your clothes and be ready to swim!

For those of you that rely on public transportation and carry a work bag, or backpack with you already we suggest finding a small bag especially for your summer essentials – like dopp kit bag, or a hip bag (we have designs in both available as well). It won’t add bulk to your commute and you can fill it up with your important swimming and summer activity essentials. Put it in your bigger bag or clip it to the bag to keep with you and you will be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

If you have the luxury of your own vehicle, you can get a little larger tote bag or weekender bag that you can easily store in the trunk. With this option you will have more room to add a few more items and we are sure it won’t go unused. It seems there is always an invite to a pool hang out or hot tub happy hour after work and forgetting your gear is just a pain as then you have to circle back home to grab it. This way, it will always be ready and available when the opportunity strikes.

What should you include in your “summer go bag?” you ask? Well the MOST important item is your swimwear. Think compact and easy to stuff if you have space restrictions, a good brief or square cut style does the trick, won’t take up too much room, and depending on what other items you have in there, you maybe able to add a couple of options so you can dress to your mood.

Check out our new swimwear line for 2023, we have introduced some amazing prints and our styles are always fun, sexy and of course made with the same quality as all of our Skull & Bones gear! 

We have made a list of other items to consider placing in your “summer go bag” and, of course, encourage you to think about your own needs and plan accordingly. Whatever you do and wherever you go you will have your gear ready to take a plunge, lie out and enjoy the beauty of the summer warmth and sun!

Items For Your “Summer Go Bag”

Swimwear (of course)





Cell Phone Charger / Battery Pack (you simply must have power to take pics)

Flip Flops, Slides, or Other Water Appropriate Footwear

Portable Speaker

Change of Clothing (for after your fun)

Water Bottle
A Water Proof Bag (to store your wet swimwear after)


Did we forget something, what would you add to your “summer go back” let us know in the comments.

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