Don't Jockey Around: Why Jockstraps Are Great for Everyday Wear

Whether you have good or bad memories of jockstraps (ah, highschool, you cruel beast), one thing is certain: more men are choosing to wear jocks on a daily basis than ever before. You might not have thought about them outside of sports, but aside from protecting Sir William and the two amigos, jockstraps boast a number of other benefits that lead modern men to keep a few of them in their sock drawers. For both sports and daily style, jockstraps are in, and they’re making an impact on the world of men’s underwear games.


Why Should a Stylish and Confident Man Choose to Wear Jockstraps?

If you haven’t felt the comfort of a jock before, now is the time to try one out. Here’s why:

  •   Supportive. Sometimes it’s nice to know where everything is at all times, such as when cycling or playing more aggressive sports, or jamming yourself on to a crowded subway. Jocks provide support by keeping everything where it should be and preventing injury.
  •   Comfortable. You can forget about “adjusting” constantly and trying to defend yourself when people start raising eyebrows. When you wear an everyday jockstrap, sitting, standing, and walking are always comfortable and relaxed.
  •   Sexy. You bet. The best jockstrap for everyday wear is the one that makes you look and feel sexy. Show off a bit of your adventurous side at home with your partner or strut down the street for all to see (while wearing pants, please!).
  •   Confident. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? Some men like to show off their assets by wearing an everyday jockstrap that gives them a defined look in the, erm...bathing suit area. It’s tough to miss a confident man with the lift and definition of jockstraps for everyday wear.
  •   Stylish. You can pair your everyday jockstrap with the rest of your outfit to create a stylish look that showcases your individuality.
  •   Low profile. Jockstraps for everyday wear enable you to keep a low profile when wearing tighter clothing such as bicycle shorts or leggings, or even fitted jeans.
  •   Easy breezy. Don’t think of an everyday jockstrap as a sweaty pouch, but as a device that prevents one. Jockstraps are light and allow airflow, keeping you cool all day or night long.


How to Choose the Right Everyday Jock

When choosing the right jock, you’ll want to make sure that it fits your body correctly. It should feel comfortable in all positions and provide adequate support during normal activities. Any pinching or squeezing is a sign that you need to try another size or solution. Choose styles and prints that match your personality and materials that are sure to feel good for long periods in various temperature ranges. The silhouette of a jockstrap is already bound to show off your style, but an artful print takes it to the next level. 

Batik Jockstrap

Skull & Bones Cares About Your Comfort and Style

Wearing an everyday jock might feel a little different than you’re used to, but they deserve a chance to show you the benefits. At Skull & Bones, we want to make sure that you’re comfortable and stylish at all times, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. That’s why we’ve focused on providing you with luxury everyday jockstraps that will help you upgrade your underwear game and jump on the jockstrap trend. We prioritize comfort, construction, fit and artful style. Investing in your underwear is a sure way to feel as good as you look. You care about your clothing from top to bottom, and Skull & Bones will always have you covered...from top to bottom.

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