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At Skull & Bones, we’re always on a mission to design and bring unique, luxurious prints to frame our collections, and we get really excited when we find a winner. There is a lot of effort that goes into making our prints perfect, and we think that our newest collection of batik underwear serves as a game-changer in the realm of men’s underwear.

Batik, as a global and historical art form, uses a unique process of wax-resist dyeing to add dots and lines in a creative pattern and then repeating the process to add additional colors. We think you’ll agree that our spin on creating a fabric to reflect this visual outcome is quite eye-catching and certainly deserves its own dedicated collection of briefs, trunks, peek-a-boo briefs, and tanks.

Batik Print Men's Underwear

Skull & Bones’ batik underwear prints feature beautiful floral designs that are carefully crafted to exude the luxurious style that you’ve come to expect from our product lines. We’re in love with the artistic freedom that was inspired by this technique because there’s no limit to the patterns or shapes - the print showcases the wild creativity of the artist. These prints make a statement, and it won’t be missed easily.

History of the Batik Art Form

Batik isn’t a new process. Its history takes us back to the ancient times of Morocco, Egypt, China, Japan, and Nigeria, where linens were soaked in wax before patterns were etched into them with a stylus. Indonesia is where the art has been perfected using beeswax and various vegetable dyes, and it is from the island of Java, Indonesia where the inspiration for our batik underwear prints was discovered. They even have a National Batik Day!

It takes a lot of time and focus to create a true Batik art piece, and the proof is in the luxury of the design. We certainly feel the same about our underwear lines and felt that the dedication to the details of the design was something we wanted to reflect with our own spin on our fabrics. 

Traditional Batik art takes intense time and process to create that intricate look we love, including wax-resist or dyeing, marking the canvas with graphite or charcoal, then applying hot wax with an etching tool. They also use copper blogs called “caps” to create larger stamps for the pattern. 

While lengthy, this process ensures that each piece is unique and boasts original Indonesian qualities - a feature we find truly inspiring that speaks to our brand. 

Skull & Bones’ Take on Batik

Our prints are never created for the sake of gimmick or to be flashy. We care about details and what goes into the design, as much as we care about the fit and construction of our underwear silhouettes. 

The influence behind our batik floral prints comes from Hindu-Buddhist origins where lotuses are believed to be sacred flowers. We think they look fantastic as a feature of our batik floral underwear and Morocco-inspired underwear collections.

Both our Floral and Morocco underwear collections feature batik design inspired prints. We’ve paired the blue backdrop with a comfortable yellow waistband for our batik floral underwear prints, and red for the tanks. The combinations are striking and present a fun-loving look that displays a bit of a wild side.

The use of batik in our Morocco underwear prints offers another unique way to display your artistic side with embroidered accents. The ability to get creative with geometry and adorn these prints with Skull & Bones elements takes this collection to a level of its own.

Just like our other collections, our batik underwear is meant to be bold and allows you to feel the confidence to show off your creative, artistic side while sporting luxurious underwear that is built for optimum comfort and lifestyle flexibility.

Explore more of our Batik collections and we look forward to sharing our future capsule collections with you in our coming seasonal releases. 

Batik Floral Print Underwear for Men

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