☠️ Holiday Gift Guide #2 For the men on the Naughty 😈 List!

For our second gift guide of 2022 we have put together some gifts that you may want to consider giving to the men on the naughty 😈 list or adventurous guy on your list. Or, of course, there is nothing wrong with giving someone a gift that you are able to enjoy as well. While some of these may not be gifts you will take to the office party, they are certainly amazing gifts for the right person in your life, and if you’re super lucky you may benefit from them 😉

For the Leather aficionado  we think our leather wrap bracelets and cuffs are a PERFECT gift. They are affordable, luxurious and have some beautiful detail like our signature Dutch Floral Print or the Skull and Bones logo charm on them. Pick up a couple for a dynamic, layered look!


If your Leather aficionado has been extra good this year why not get him a new leather harness? Ours are made with extra premium hardware, beautiful vachetta leather and we have them in several styles and colors ranging from a rich and sophisticated heritage saddle color, to a tartan plaid and, of course, classic black. 


For the GoGo Dancer, or maybe even your private GoGo Dancer, we love our Dutch Floral Burn Out Collection. It features our Hand Painted Floral print but in a burn out, sumptuous velvet. Soft, stretchy, and sexy as all get out the design leaves the perfect amount of sheer that will for sure get your guy in the mood to perform. Imagine the tips (don’t forget some cash in hand for your private dancer too)! Available in a tank, trunk, brief, jock and thong (and in a few colors) you can help him create the perfect ensemble to peel layers off! Who wouldn’t love a present to unwrap that then turns them into a present to unwrap?

Question, are you a face guy, chest guy but guy? Here's something for the but lovers out there, like a beautiful peach, 🍑.  Round, Defined, firm but soft at the same time, and stunning in fitted pants -  people can’t help but stare (lol, see what we did there). For ourselves or for the guy in our lives that comes to mind, right?



Why don’t you get him a few new thongs and jock straps to accentuate the assets he has?  Available in most of our exclusive designs you are sure to find pieces for his taste! They are supportive and comfortable at the same time – this guy will appreciate the quality and the emphasis they place on his delectable derriere! 





We hope you are enjoying these gift guides and they help spark some ideas for your shopping list this year. If you were to receive a S&B gift this holiday season, what pieces would be on your list? Let us know if the comments. Perhaps our gift guides are also giving you ideas to place on your own “wish list?”

Love - Rob & Vin XOXO

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