☠️ Gift Guide #3 Time to Treat yourself ❤️

Our third 2022 holiday gift guide is all about the pleasure of giving yourself a little something. While the spirit of the holidays is always more about giving to others, spreading kindness and cheer, and focusing on the important things like the people in our lives, we adamantly believe that it is also totally acceptable to remember to take care of yourself. This guide will have some great suggestions for things you can pick up that are relatively affordable to celebrate getting through this year as the absolute king that you are! 

Everyone can use a new piece of swimwear in their collection. Our swimwear is cut to show your form and features several fun and very cute prints. You are in luck as well because several of our swimwear designs are on sale, so you can save some money while treating yourself (it really helps stretch the holiday budget too). Spring is just around the corner so why not update your swimwear and have it ready to go as soon as the weather allows you to plunge in. If you are lucky and are planning a tropical mid-winter escape one way to make it even more special is with a new swim brief. Create memories and look fantastic, you can’t beat that!


When we released our fall 2022 collection we were blown away at how fast several of our designs were swiped up! We are excited to announce that we have restocked the Peacock, Dutch Floral Mesh, and the Dragon prints so if you weren’t able to get one when they were originally released it’s time to circle back around and get one before they sell out again! A new pair of underwear is always a fun, yet affordable, way to treat yourself. 



Do you have plans to hit the gym this coming year? We know many of us like to reset our health and fitness goals when the new year hits so what better way to treat yourself than with a jock strap or two for your upcoming commitment to yourself? We have jock straps in your more classic style in our Locker Room Jock collection and then we have jocks in many of our amazing prints throughout our collection. We think every outfit starts with a great piece of underwear and your gym and workout lewks should be no exception.

We hope that you remember yourself during this holiday season and we want you to know there is nothing wrong with practicing a bit of self-love. We always enjoy a good little personal “from me to me” gift, but remember, treating yourself doesn’t have to be buying something either. You can take a warm, relaxing bubble bath, spend time with the pup on a walk or playing at a dog park, turn your phone off for an hour and totally disconnect, spend time reading a great book by a cozy fire, or many other easy, yet totally relaxing things, your imagination is the limit. Whatever you choose, you deserve it! 

With Holiday Cheer and Happiness - Rob & Vin xxxx ooo xxx

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