☠️ April Showers 🌧 Bring May Flowers 💐

It is April (for one more week😁) and the month is quickly coming to a close, which means we are going to be seeing the flowers of May very soon! Spring is underway and we at Skull and Bones are ready! Did you know the saying “April showers bring May flowers” is originally from the United Kingdom as April tends to be a fairly soggy month there due to the position of the jet stream in in the area. There is also an old poem with the line “Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers.”

As the air warms up and the flowers bloom, we think about all of the beautiful floral prints we have in our collection. 

Our Big Bloom pattern is new for 2022 and has big, colorful and graphic flower illustrations on it that capture the essence of this time of the year! Mixed together and in prominent tones of blue or red (depending on which you choose) it is a stunning visual that you’ll feel proud to show off, he he.

Our Hand painted Dutch Floral is a design that is one of the Skull and Bones essentials. We mix our skulls and the beautiful flowers that are elegant, sophisticated, and reminiscent of paintings of some of the world’s Dutch masters. Who doesn’t like the idea of art on your underwear? It is both a tribute and an appreciation of the skills and talents of the artists of the world from a time gone by and we think every guy needs a piece of this in their spring rotation at least!

If you are not quite ready to climb out of the cooler weather and into the bright colors to come our Tonal Roses print is perfect for you. We think it has a bit of the moody feel of the rain showers and thunderstorms of this time of year. Muted greys and blacks emote the feeling just before the world springs into full bloom and it is available in five different cuts!

If smaller and more celebratory patterns are your style then our Vintage Floral print will be perfect. A confetti of small blooms and skulls make up the pattern and we have to admit it is one of our favorites. It is fun and whimsical with an edge, much like we here at Skull and Bones like to think of ourselves.

As you finish out the rainy month of April, inhale the familiar scent of the time (which is called petrichor) and check out our floral prints and get ready for the darling buds of May!  Stay happy, healthy and sexy!


Vincent & Rob 


  • Chuck

    Beautiful Product, Gorgeous Models!

  • Salvatore Grimaudo

    Love this item and print

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