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    More About Skull & Bones’ Ombre Collection


    Our Ombre collection is an excellent example of how our artistic prints resonate with people. It has been one of our most popular collections from the start, and we're proud to say that this collection has also been an enduring favorite among our LGBTQIA+ community.

     This stunning range of ombre styles evoke sunsets and watercolor washes in a range of fun colors and prints. Each season we introduce fresh, new variations on the ombre theme. While the overall look of our ombre prints is beautiful and elegant, the styles are livened up with eye-catching details, such as gold foil stars or the strong, masculine look of our logo's skull. 

     At Skull & Bones, we believe that underwear can be both attractive and comfortable. We love an striking pair of underwear, so we focus on design that is fun, artistic, and attractive. And yet, we know that looking good simply isn't enough. If your underwear has a fun print, but it's made with materials that leave you squirming uncomfortably, it's no longer that good-looking. If you never want to wear the pair, then what’s the point? Each pair you receive from Skull & Bones will be become your new favorite pair.

     To ensure that our underwear always has the luxurious sense of fine underwear, we pay close attention to the details that give the unmistakable feel of high quality. We choose fabrics that have an exquisite combination of softness and support, and we construct each piece with the sort of fit that will cradle you comfortably. Details, such as our embroidered logo on the waistband, set our underwear apart. 

    Skull & Bones was created to meet the needs of men who weren't finding what they needed in the underwear market. We believe that the sumptuous feel and fit of luxury underwear can be found in attractive, stylish looks. Leave the cheap, uncomfortable, over-sexualized looks to the kids. Skull & Bones makes underwear for men who aren't willing to compromise. We're different because our customers demand something more. Check out more of our exclusive underwear styles and silhouettes.