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    More About Skull & Bones Foil Collection

    Our Foil underwear styles are a truly unique capsule collection for the discerning man of taste. This line evokes luxury, glamour, and exuberance. The Art Deco fashion evokes an era when the future was there for the taking, and people strode toward it, with faith in the social and technological progress to come. 

    Our Foil styles bring that feeling to the modern man. These looks are perfect for someone with an artistic eye, who can appreciate the luxe intricacy of the print. The geometric pattern of this design is rendered in a gold foil, for an elegant, upscale look without crossing the line into flashy. This is a truly gorgeous and sophisticated look. These unique Art Deco styles are available in some of our most popular silhouettes, so you can find the perfect fit for you. 

    At Skull & Bones, our mission is to produce the best in men's luxury underwear. We are passionate about beautiful, artistic style, bringing unusual designs as our Art Deco looks. Yet even this stunning fashion isn't enough if the underwear doesn't feel good to wear. There's no reason to put up with scratchy fabrics or a disappointing fit. We use only the best materials, so our underwear feels luxe to the touch, as well as being a treat to the eye.

    A man with a well-developed eye for quality will quickly recognize the details that set us apart, such as the flatlock stitching to provide stretch in every direction. Our no-roll waistbands feature our embroidered logo because we are as proud of our underwear as you will be to wear them. 

    Skull & Bones was created to bring together the feel of top-shelf men's underwear and the good looks of fashion underwear. While many underwear companies are content to focus only on looks or feel, we will settle for nothing less than the best of both worlds. Our designs are exceptional, whether you're looking for the flash of sequins, or the refined beauty of our Art Deco line. But we promise that our attention to detail means that every pair of underwear will cradle you in comfort as well as style. 

    Underwear is our passion, and we'd love to share our passions and designs with you.